Food & Beverage Industry

Sapere Aude presents the state of liquid arts to distributor and industry personnel through unique experiential education. Hand on, fully immersive class offerings include:

  • Local Festival Tours & Education: Similar to our Great American Beer Festival tour we work with local beer and food festivals to create the ultimate back stage experience. The tour is customized based on your specific needs and event offerings.


  • Special Seminars: We offer classes and seminars in all areas of sensory education. Our team building and educational courses include topics like Sensory Evaluation of Beer, Off-Flavor Seminars, The Cultural Impact of Craft Beer, The Flavors of Vodka and many more.


  • Customer Events: We create and host unique events for your on-premise customers such as special brewmaster dinners and pairing evenings.


  • Educational Consultant Service: We offer a flat rate monthly service which gives all of your sales personnel unlimited access to both JoAnne &  Jeff via email and phone. Dependent upon the length of the contract we can also include monthly in person seminars.


When you work with us, your staff learn about the culture of artisan beverage and food. They will become proficient in the language of beer styles; ingredient profiles and brewery history, as well the development of pairings and tastings for their clients. They’ll gain a  new understanding of the industry, which inevitably leads to increased passion and creativity. This isn’t about obtaining a certification but about creating a personal experience that explores the personalities, history, ambience and excitement of both artisanal beer and spirits. We look forward to working with your staff!